3 Unique Gifting Ideas That Wont Break The Bank

This quirky gadget is the perfect gift

This quirky gadget is the perfect gift

If you are also one of those confused and troubled souls who are pondering over what to buy as gifts for the upcoming occasions, then you would have surely got disappointed with the gift suggestions that most of the internet blogs provide. The disappointment is obvious because not everybody has that expenditure power to spend $500-600 on a single gifting item. After all gifts is just an expression of love, right?

You don’t need to be sad and disappointed anymore if there isn’t much cash left in your account because there are a lot of good gift ideas that would cost you less than $100. Also, you would really be glad to know that these gadgets are still considered cool despite their affordability because of the high performance and usability associated with them. So, pick any of these gadgets for gifting without becoming broke!

This cool alarm clock might get on your nerves!

This alarm clock will wake you up no matter what

This alarm clock will wake you up no matter what

This alarm clock is sold in the market with the name `Sonica Boom’. Now the name sounds really cool but the alarm clock has the capability to break the record of quirkiness in the gadgets. This alarm clock costs around $50. You may question its usefulness when the same alarm clock can be set in your mobile phone too. But the specialty of this alarm clock is that is produces really high decibel noise that’s enough to wake you up even if you are dead drunk. To further help you in waking up, the alarm even makes your bed mattress vibrate hard enough to break the deepest of slumbers.

The perfect microwave for those who’re on the go

This microwave might be the gift they need

This microwave might be the gift they need

This microwave is a perfect gift for those people who are always shifting places due to work. This mini version of microwave costs just $99 but its efficiency and performance are comparable to best kitchen devices. This portable microwave is much lighter in weight than its counterparts as it is just around 3kg in weight. That equals the weight of your laptop! So, you can practically take this microwave anywhere with you. This product is known as iMicrowave and its operating power is around 600 watts.

Get this cheap much needed laptop cooling device

There can be no better gift than a laptop cooling device. This gadget sold in the market as `Heat shift laptop cooler’ will just cost you around $28. This gadget from Thermapak will help in increasing the longevity associated with laptop devices. The laptop cooling surface helps in absorbing the maximum heat from the device at a quick pace. If you have this gadget, then you could use your laptop at any place conveniently.

You don’t always have to break your cash reserves for buying Christmas gifts for your beloved people. Budget gifting can be done by making some smart choices this year. All these smart gadgets won’t cost you much but still the receiver of such gift would feel really honored because of the thoughtfulness involved with the gift. These budget gadgets surely have that potential to compete with the expensive gift items.

Learn Ways To Make A Break Up Easier For Your Partner

How to end a relationship

How to end a relationship

It is in human nature to have a change in feelings over time. You don’t have much in common with your habits of 5 years ago. With time, feelings also change. Sometimes these enhance, sometimes these fade away. In a relationship, you might have felt a lot of attraction for your partner when you started dating but if your feelings have changed, you need to explain it in a respectful way. At some point in your life, you felt so attracted to them so it’s fair to break up in a manner to make it easier for your partner. If you want to end your relationship, here are some ways to help you do it without hurting your partner more than necessary.

Never end your relationship over an email

Your partner may not have seen it coming that you are going to say goodbye to her/him. In such a case, it would be cruel to inform them about your decision regarding break up over an email. It includes all social media modes of communications. Your partner deserves to have a face to face confrontation when you drop the bomb on them. Doing it via email will worsen things for them and it won’t be a good gesture. Man up and reveal your feelings directly without using social media.

Be honest and direct in your break up conversation

Breakup face to face... never by social media or phone

Breakup face to face… never by social media or phone

Soothing speeches and emotional attacks are not going to help in a relationship. If you have already made up your mind and getting out of the relationship is your final decision, you need to tell it to your partner honestly. Be as direct as you can so that he/she will know that you are not coming back to them. Don’t make them plead to get you back. Use your honesty and the revelation of your true feelings to end the relationship smoothly, without much awkwardness.

Stay away from your partner to avoid making him/her sad

The key to a clean break up is to avoid confrontation just after the break up. It might trigger the soft corner in your ex’s heart and he/she might feel sad upon losing you. Your ex doesn’t deserve to have this awkward feeling around you, so try to stay away from your ex during the first few weeks after the break up to give them enough time to get over you. Don’t let them know that you that they are suffering. It is not fair to hurt their pride. So keep some distance for a while, until you can start to feel comfortable with your ex being at the same gathering as you.

Try to have a friendly break up

Try to have a friendly break up

A break up is never an easier step for someone in a relationship. You might have changes but your partner may have the same intense feelings for you. If you do have to end things, do it in a clean way and don’t hurt your partner’s pride. The above suggestions will help you get out of the relationship and make it easier for your partner as well.

How To Lose Weight In Two Weeks – 3 Strategies

Bored of diets that don't work? Follow this tips and achieve your goal

Bored of diets that don’t work? Follow our tips & achieve your goals

Is it possible to lose weight in two weeks? This is a common question in the minds of people who want to lose weight fast. Yes, it is possible to lose weight in two weeks of if you employ the correct strategies. Most people usually fail to lose the weight because they use weight loss methods that don’t work. If you want to lose significant weight in two weeks, you have to be prepared to make some sacrifices in your life. Here are three strategies that you should employ to lose weight in two weeks:

1. Make changes to your diet and eating habits

There is no way that you are going to lose significant weight in two weeks of you don’t change the kind of foods that you take. Get rid of all the foods that make you fat. Replace the processed foods with fruits and vegetables. Eliminate fatty foods from your dining table. Remove all the tempting foods from your refrigerator and replace them with low calorie foods.
You also have to change your eating habits if you want to shed off a significant amount of fat. Refrain from going around the house grazing for food. Eat only while you are at the dining table. Eat small meals several times a day rather than eating large meal twice or thrice a day. Avoid skipping meals. When you skip your meals, you will probably overeat in your next meal.

2. Exercise

Do some exercise

Do some exercise

Exercise is very important for a person aiming to lose a significant amount of weight in two weeks. When you exercise, you force your body to burn out more fat than it would under normal circumstances. Combine both strength training and cardio exercises to get the fastest results.
Strength training involves the activities that help you increase your muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass is very helpful if you want to lose weight in two weeks. This is because when you build muscles, your body will be able to burn more fats. Muscles have a greater energy requirement than other tissues in the body. With a huge muscle mass, you will be able to burn fats even when you are resting. Aerobics on the other hand involves all the activities that increase your heart rate. Every time you increase your heart rate you will be burning more fats. However, be careful not to injure yourself with too much exercise. This can be done by making the workout sessions short but intensive.

3. Drink plenty of water

Win the battle against weight

Win the battle against weight

Water is very important as far as loss of weight is concerned. Without water, your body will not be able to burn fats. Water is one of the basic components required for metabolism to take place. Therefore, make sure that you are well hydrated every day. It is recommended that you take at least two liters of water every day.
When you use these 3 strategies, you will definitely be able to lose significant weight in two weeks. However, you need to keep on using them if you want to keep the weight you have lost away and keep on losing more. You have to be consistent and patient to be able to get the body you have always dreamt of.

Difference Between Asset And Liability According To The Rich

Understanding finances

Understanding finances

The education system unfortunately does not teach much about financial understandings. Lack of financial education has led to the divide between the rich and poor. The biggest difference between rich and poor is their difference in understanding of assets and liabilities. What may be asset for one is a liability in the eyes of other. In today’s time to combat the dynamisms in economy, it has become very important to conceptually understand the difference between asset and liability.

What is the difference between assets and liability?

The rich will always tell you that assets are not just something that you can see and feel. It is much more than that. For the rich, an asset is anything that generates income for them and anything that generates expenses for them is a liability. This is very different from the traditional education, which teaches you a different concept of assets. For example, the home you live in may be an asset for you but the rich will say it is a liability. This is because home you live in has expenses and is not generating an income for you. If you had given the home on rent then it is an asset as you are generating a rental income from the home now. This is the basic difference in the thought process of the rich and poor.

How to know if you are building assets or liability

Building assets

Building assets

When you are investing your money in any thing, always ask yourself a simple question. Is the investment going to earn you money or are you going to eventually spend money. For example, your balance sheet may put your car as an asset but it is actually a liability as you spend every year on insurance, maintenance, wear and tear and other incidental expenses. Moreover, the value of your car depreciates every year. If let us say you bought a car for $5000 and used it for 5 years and paid insurance premium worth $500, maintenance expenses was $100 in last 5 years and incidental expenses was $300 then the total cost you have incurred in the car is $5900. Now if you are able to sell the car at $6000 after 5 years, which is highly unlikely, then it is an asset as it has generated an income of $100 for you over last 5 years. Therefore, whenever you are spending money always ask yourself if it is going to give you an income in future or are you going to spend more money on it.

How do the rich build assets

The rich are very prudent in their investment decisions. They never like to spend money on liabilities unless necessary. This is one reason why most of the products and services are not designed for the rich. They are designed for the middle class. The rich will always calculate how much money is going in and how much will come out. It is very simple. If at the end they are losing money then they will buy something only because they like to. However, they are clear on the fundamentals of building assets and liabilities.

Getting rich

Getting rich

Therefore, if you want to build more assets start calculating the income you can generate from your investment. To judge whether anything is an asset or a liability is to see the total money spent on acquiring it and comparing it with total money received either from selling it or from using it to generate income. For example, if you buy a house worth $200,000 for yourself and take a loan for 30 years and in 30 years the loan amount is additional $100,000. Then the gross money spent on the home is $300,000 after 30 years. Add the maintenance expenses, repair work and insurance premium worth $150,000 (hypothetically). Therefore, the net money spent on home is $450,000. Now if the value of that home after 30 years is more than $450,000 then it is an asset else it is a liability.

The Makings Of A Great Entrepreneur

Characteristics of a great entrepreneur

Characteristics of a great entrepreneur

When Steve Jobs passed away, the world mourned the loss of one of the best entrepreneurs to emerge since Andrew Carnegie and Sam Walton. But his legacy as a business leader lived on. It is very much alive that young and enthusiastic leaders are emulating their qualities. What makes a good entrepreneur then?


Successful entrepreneurs wake up every day and go to work because they have a goal. Their commitment to achieve such goal is tied to their self-discipline, and they make it a point that each day becomes a step closer to that goal.


Be self-confident

Be self-confident

The successful entrepreneur does not give in to any hints of negative thoughts. Failing is never an option; success is the only direction. This doesn’t mean that they’re unrealistic though. They’re just confident that their efforts will give birth to success.


Successful entrepreneurs respect the opinions of their employees. No idea is so irrelevant that it does not merit a moment of consideration. With an open mind, entrepreneurs see an opportunity in every situation. They always work out a creative solution.


Competitive spirit

A great entrepreneur has a competitive spirit

It’s a wild world of competition out there especially for mainstream industries like manufacturing. What sets apart the world’s best entrepreneurs is their passion for competition. One is trying to outdo the other, and they are proud to announce their victories.


Thomas Edison once said that he never failed; he only found 10,000 ways that didn’t work. Failures do not defeat the successful entrepreneur. Instead, it becomes a renewable energy meant for exhaustion. In the end, he is left with a single choice: to succeed.


Entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do never give up. It’s a known story that these kinds of people usually devote their lives reaching for that thing they are passionate about. They know that what they’re aiming for will not materialize overnight.


The never-ending argument about whether or not a glass is half-empty of half-full applies here. The successful entrepreneur will tell you it’s half full. Seeing it as half-empty is pretty similar, but how an entrepreneur chooses what he believes leads to ground-breaking innovations.


Work ethics and creativity

Work ethics and creativity make for a great entrepreneur

This is something that sets a promising entrepreneur from someone who’s about to see the sun set. Work ethics is a major contributor to one’s success. The entrepreneur’s mind is always at work that he comes to the office before everyone else does and leaves when everyone’s gone.

One quality that holds all of the above together is leadership. Because the entrepreneur recognizes himself as a leader, he knows how to do three things: to lead, to follow, and to stay out of the way. He is not a genius, but he makes it a point to move first. Because of people like Walton, Jobs, Morgan, and Carnegie, we have a reason to aspire. The only difference that leaves us is whether or not we take the first steps towards success.